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Time is of the Essence

Given ultimate power, process becomes the focus and relationship the goal.

God was there at the beginning and He knows, even dictates the end. He has no worry or concern about how things will turn out. If He desired, we wouldn’t have to play out this charade of life. He could simply remove time and whisk us to our ultimate destination. That is not His will – because we are here and the time is now.

I loved my kids when they were babies. How much better is our relationship now that they have grown and we have had the opportunity to walk through a measure of life together, getting to know and care for one another? Do I love them more now – I don’t think so, but I have a relationship with them that I didn’t have before.

How would my relationship with my Father/father be if I didn’t have to go through a process of trusting and depending on Him/him? Life requires us to fill various roles and we experience personal growth from each one in which we are cast.

Technology has afforded us the unique opportunity to preserve some of our favorite moments. When I look back through pictures and videos of family and friends, I cherish the memories that, though seemingly insignificant at the time, were gone in an instant. The nostalgia of the journey means more than I can understand and the value of the relationships built in those moments more than I can calculate.

His Word tells us in so many ways that He is concerned about the details and process of how we go from the beginning to the end. The beginning has passed, the end is decided and the future is certain. Relationship is the reward for the life we live.

Time is not an unlimited resource. Considering the above, how am I going to spend it today?

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